Conception of the Ressurection of the Insurrection known as my LiveJournal

Well, Conception is over and what a convention it was. And mostly the reason why I’ve started posting to my LiveJournal again. That’ll make this my fifth submission in the last year! But only the 1st in the last 10 months…

And, as ever, the whole LiveJournal thing is juleskeJules’ fault, although perhaps a little less directly this time. She’s usually the one to start me posting again, usually after a convention and usually involving some kind of threat… No threats this time, though, I just needed to be reminded of it. The willingness to post really only needed a perspective change.

The roleplaying aspect of the con ended not a moment too soon, it was starting to become less fun by the end, but I will miss everything else about that event. Especially when contrasted to the dry, mundane, passionless existence I find on my return. An existence I need to escape. Soon.
A part of that escape is money. Money does not buy you happiness, I know that. I wasn’t always happy when I had it. But what it does do is give you options.

And tobacco. Money also brings you tobacco…

But back to the con… I really need coffee, I can’t seem to manage to not drift off into tangents…

So what makes a good roleplaying convention? Well, there’s the roleplaying obviously, which was all present and accounted for. But it is secondary really, at least in my view, to the social aspect. I know, I know, roleplayers, social skills, these are concepts not often found together, but there were enough present who did not suffer from a case of misplaced priorities.

Jules, of course, has already been mentioned, and is a story on her own. frostyjournalFrosty and the rest of the Dutch contingent were cool and I was glad to have met them. And most of those people will remember Flash. They will remember him because he was very noticable in the Lethe games Jules, Frosty, Floris & co played in. I have posted my thanks to you all on the main Lethe site (Endless Games for those who want to check it out).

That’s enough blathering for me now, I have to go look for a job!