Hire me and be damned!

I was speaking to this morning and I came to realise that hiring me is the worst thing that could happen to any company. No, no, I’m not going through a despressive slump. Let’s look at the record.

  • 1st Employer: After one and a half years I resign. Three months later, 200 out of 500 people are made redundant due to corruption allegations at head office level.
  • 2nd Employer: Five months after a I start working for them, redundancies are announced, myself among them, as European trading has taken a dramatic downturn.
  • 3rd Employer: After nine months with this company I resign. Four months later, the department I have just vacated is dramatically downsized.
  • 4th Employer: After three years, the company announces redundancies, myself among them, due to insolvency due to mismanagement.
  • 5th Employer: I leave after five months after a number of disputes and the bankruptcy of the company.

You see? Hire me and be damned!