How to lose friends and alienate people…

… Simply tell them that you are considering options to leave the country, in search of peaceful times, cold hard cash and not being a drain on society. Just the very idea that I am applying for jobs in the Netherlands has so far resulted in reactions ranging from outrage, disappointment, amusement (the latter two both from the same person) and unhidden glee (from my mother).

Why the Netherlands? Well, I’ve worked there before, my parents live there, all the good jobs are there, and I’ve been assured of a gaming group. Okay, that last aspect might not really be the one that swung the vote, but it’s an added bonus!
So why haven’t I pursued this seemingly attractive option before? Well, my parents live there, all the good jobs are not here in the UK and I hadn’t been assured of a gaming group. Also I hadn’t realised that I could end up earning the same salary as in the UK, but for a lower cost of living.

Of course, the plan is not all roses. Firstly, I’ve got to actually get the jobs I apply for, but at least there are jobs to apply for. Secondly, I’d miss my friends, but admittedly I only see them every two to three weeks anyway. Thirdly, I’d have to visit my parents more than two or three times a year.