This has to stop…

Waking up at 4am every few nights just can’t be good or right. Okay, it certainly has it’s benefits:

  1. I get a few extra hours of blissful solitude and peace before the chaos of the day once more ensues.
  2. The altered perceptions can be a wonderful state of mind, with humourous perspectives.
  3. It gives you an great excuse for bizarre behaviour, despite the fact that it’s not really that bizarre, and is in fact quite premeditated.

All in all, it doesn’t affect me that badly at all. Unless it happens on the night before an interview. That could mess things up quite a bit, but thankfully it hasn’t happened yet.

So what’s causing this sleeplessness? The usual knee-jerk response is that it’s insomnia, but that’s not the case, I can get to sleep very easily. A year of 7am flights on a propeller plane (I always seem to end up with the seat by the wing), means I have the knack of sleeping pretty much in any conditions. So it’s not insomnia, it’s just waking up after a few hours of sleep. Maybe my mind is over-active, anxious to put things in motion. To escape the current cycle of frustration. To keep the (loan) sharks at bay.

Of course, it could be the simplest explanation of all… I’m not actually doing anything strenuous enough to actually need more than 10 hours sleep, spread over 2 days. Who knows…