My Dream

Okay, it’s a bit corny posting my dream here, but it’s so rare that I actually remember my dreams, I’ll take the opportunity. Normally my dreams fade away in the morning. But I won’t bore you with it if you don’t want to read it.

In my dream I was enjoying a long conversation with someone via OKCupid. We were getting on so well that despite the fact that we had never met, we decide we would travel to Africa together. Feeling we really ought to meet, we arrange that I should meet her at her house in London. To my chagrin, L. decides to come along. I remember the OKCupid girl being about 5’6″, slightly younger than me, with straight, dark-brown hair. Not stunningly attractive, but cute enough. After a while (time is always difficult to judge in dreams) of chatting and arranging the trip to Africa, L. is sent off to go and get the car, allowing OKCupid girl and I to.. well, get to know each other a little better. After that intimimate interlude, plans for Africa are finalised and I leave on foot, intending to walk home. I remember the dissapointment when L. comes by in the car to pick me up.

That’s it. Not particularly deep, but it was a dream I remember lucidly