Another survey…

The \\
Last Cigarette: This morning at 9am at work
Last Alcoholic Drink: Singha beer last night in a restaurant
Last Car Ride: This morning, to work
Last Kiss: Last night
Last Good Cry: December
Last Library Book: Bourne Identity
Last book bought: Schindlers Ark
Last Book Read: Marlowe’s Dr Faustus
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Spiderman 2
Last Movie Rented: Big Fish
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Bugger
Last Beverage Drank: Coffee, right now
Last Food Consumed: Mongolian Pepper Chicken
Last Crush: Who knows?
Last Phone Call:
Last TV Show Watched: Pagans
Last Time Showered: This morning
Last Shoes Worn: My work shoes that are falling apart
Last CD Played: William Orbits ‘Pieces in a modern style’
Last Item Bought: Food!
Last Download: Firebird
Last Annoyance: No time for breakfast this morning
Last Disappointment: Having to drink instant coffee at work
Last Soda Drank: Can’t remember
Last Thing Written: Spidey 2 Review
Last Key Used: House key
Last Words Spoken: “Odeon hat eine bloede Webseite, es funktioniert nur mit IE.”
Last Sleep: Last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Can’t remember
Last Chair Sat In: My work chair that I’m in now.
Last Webpage Visited: Endless Realms

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