I’m still half a sleep, so this may be a little rambling.

Firstly a thought of amusement. Amusement at people I know who read my LJ, slyly allude to some things I have talked about over the last week within the LJ yet profess not to read it or have knowledge of it. My response to you? Hi! Thanks for reading! But get over it, if I can do self-disclosure then you can at least go so far as to acknowledge it. But I mean that in a nicer way than it sounds of course.

I was also thinking about my sexually frustrated situation. Sometime on Sunday it occurred to me that I do technically have a girlfriend. Within about half a second I had decided that I’m not that desperate, despite walking bow-legged ala John Wayne. Amazing how perspectives can shift.

It was a wierd weekend, a weekend of feeling emotions very keenly, but not having anyone around in person to unburden too. And the inability to unburden them over a telephone. And the inability to articulate them them well enough to write them up for the LJ.

Inability to articulate emotions, eh? And I had aspirations as a writer! Hah! I’ll stick to non-fiction I think…