LJ Musings

LJ is a funny thing. I started mainly because suggested it. And so I posted a bit, pottered around and then let it peter out.

Then Conception 2004 happened, and not only did I begin posting a little more, but also added some of Jule’s circle that I met there, and , to my friends list. And so some more time passed, slowly picking up more the odd new person here and there (or the new odd person in some cases), but not really gaining much momentum. Then I started joining the odd feed like and , but still, not really much momentum was gained.

Then, after some digging, and searching by interest I found with whom I went to school, who I knew well in St Albans (though seems to be ignoring me these days, who was introduced to me by Jim and invited me to go to the WiccaUK moots in London (if you’re reading this Kitty, I still intend to go when I can make time for it) and the group. Then there’s who Jules hung out with at GenCon and lives in St Albans, but who I have never met. Not to my knowledge anyway, St Albans is a funny town.

So slowly the web of interconnectivity grows and as it does so I feel more and more compunction to actually post instead of just reading other people’s LJs and posting up silly net surveys. is it likely to happen? Who knows. But at least I’m posting about the fact that I don’t post much! 😉