Work is ridiculously busy today. As if I don’t have enough to do dealing with my issues, the issues of the Younglings I’m training and a few side-projects; Now I have executive interest in one of my issues, which means I spend more time writing progress reports than actually doing work. Apparently this is to inspire me to work harder for this particular customer. I can just feel my morale soaring; everyone knows how much i love bureaucracy for it’s own sake.

At least the day started well. Penny felt inspired to rush off to Tesco to procure eggs and croissants for breakfast. Combined with a cup of coffee, I was well set up for the day! Just as well really! Perfect timing there on Penny’s part.

Last night involved playing Munchkin Fu (I won by virtue of being luckier and more evil) over a bottle of wine, and watching the rest of Oceans 12, which was awful, especially compared to the first one.

Beyond that, I’m continuing to do prep work for Saturday’s Vampire: The Requiem game, and I’m finding rules loopholes that you could drive a herd of cattle through. The game itself should be interesting; three veteran Vampire players (two of which played in my Vampire games at uni), one newcomer to Vampire (though he has played some other games over the last year) and one complete newcomer to roleplaying. Hopefully I’ll be able find the time to write up the summary of the story so far and it’s personae dramatis.