Stray thoughts

I think I like Blogger. While I don’t have the much-missed Friends page of LJ, which aggregates the postings of your friends all onto one page, I reckon I’ll just use an RSS reader for that. The real selling point of Blogger to me is the email submission. I can just happily ramble along. And even if in future places of work I have to endure strict firewalls (or people looking over my shoulder) I can always post.

So what has been good today? Well, the boss isn’t in and my workload is light. So it means I’ve been able to put up some more content for Endless Games (before I lost connection probably due to the firewall of my current employer) and catch up with some people on Messenger that I haven’t spoken to in a while. And I heard from Monkey Mark today. Admittedly he sent it ages ago, but to a mostly defunct email address.

And the bad? Bloody interpersonal politics at work. Ava won’t come to the pub with Tricia, because Tricia has said unpleasant things about Reita. Tricia has been saying unpleasant things about Reita because Reita fluffed up some work and ended up blaming me for it. Tricia took my side, Ava took Reita’s side, but against Tricia, not against me. Colin won’t go out to the pub with Ava, because his wife gets jealous of Ava and Nick won’t come to the pub because his wife gets jealous about him going to the pub with a group of people after work. Some of them being female.
Good grief. You’d think people have more important things to worry about?

Oh well, nearly home time and some more prep for Saturday’s Vampire game…