Bloody acronyms

This trend for acronyms to describe a group of people is getting silly. In the 80’s we had the (young urban professionals), later we got the s (dual income, no kids) and SITCOMs (Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage).

Now we have new designators, especially for kids. First we have the . Apparently these are teenagers who are Not in Education, Employment or Training. Although surely, to avoid confusion with adults in the same situation (simply call unemployed. Sorry, no acronym here), perhaps they should be called Teenagers not in Education, Employment or Training, or TEETs.
And then we have s, a group that is under 35 (hey, that’s me!) that is Insecure, Pressured, Overtaxed and Debt-ridden (no, that’s not me after all). Damn, that sounds depressing. But apparently I am a member of the Ipod generation, the one that came after . But that’s even more confusing, since according to the Wikipedia article, Generation Xers are born in the 1960s and 70s.

So, to put it in context, I’m a Generation X/Ipod Generation IPOD, former yuppie, former literal NEET, but never a TEET and unlikely to be a SITCOM.
Or should that be a GXIGIPODfYflNEETnNEETnSITCOM?

What a bunch of crap.

Update Time!

Yes indeed, we have a new classification: Suburban Asset Lightweights or SALs. These are people who are living middle class lifestyles despite being in the bottom fifth of the population in terms of “asset wealth”. In plain English: People in their mid-thirties who own no home but are in permanent employment.