Dave McKean & Neil Gaiman Movie News


Mirrormask is not even out in the cinemas yet (due for release in the US in September, no UK release date yet) and Dave McKean is already talking about his next movie project, the filmisation of Signal to Noise, written by Gaiman. It should be an interesting project considering the thematic. The graphic novel is ridiculously hard to get hold of though. No appearances on Ebay, and buying it second-hand on Amazon will cost you at least £26.

I hope that MirrorMask will make it to the UK, the visuals look very good. It won’t be a major release, but when it’s finally out, it’ll probably be showing at independent cinemas like the Curzon in London.

Update: MirrorMask is being shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival on August 27th. Tickets are still available on Ebay.

Then of course there’s Gaiman’s other movie project, Beowulf. Empire announces that in addition to Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie will be hopping on-board this project. Robert Zemeckis’ stop motion-capture epic is due to hit cinemas in 2007, as opposed to the rival Beowulf film, Beowulf and Grendel which will hit cinemas (though perhaps only independent ones) in 2006.

Update: Angelina Jolie will be playing Grendel’s mother, so definetly not a stereotypical character for her. Grendel was a direct descendent of Caine (at least once the Christians were finished adding a thin veneer over the top of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem), filled with hate and bile for all things alive. Grendel’s mother was worse.

In addition, John Malkovich has joined the cast! Woot!

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