Global Frequency

Well people at work don’t tend to do things at lunchtime as a team. So on my wanderings I managed to find Farnham Library and was pleased to find they had quite a large graphic novel selection. Perfect lunchtime distraction! And free! Between going there on rainy days and reading in the park on the sunny days, I should be fine. And I should be able to keep up with my reading now that my commute time is a grand total of 12 minutes per day. That’s barely enough time to start a sudoku!

I watched the Global Frequency pilot last night and I must say it was very, very good. And very, very disappointing that it’ll probably never be shown on TV. Not just for the reason it was canned in the first place, i.e. change of studio exec, but also due to the nature of the public support it’s currently getting. Sure, there are thousands of fanboys jumping up and down on the internet saying they’ve downloaded it, watched it, loved it and are campaigning for it’s release. However that’s part of the problem. Can you imagine a big TV studio going public with “Tell you what, so many people who have infringed our copyright want us to release the pilot and continue making episodes. So we said yeah! We love our pirate movie downloading demographic and they ought to get a show they love!” It’s just not going to happen, which is a real shame. In the meantime, let me know if anyone wants to see it and I’m sure someone, somewhere, entirely unconnected to me will burn a VCD (or whatever your preference) of it.

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