Is the UK ready for park life?

BBC NEWS Politics Is the UK ready for park life?

Excellent! Let’s create ghettos for the poorer demographics. Those who cannot afford to buy a house (and decide they want to do so in the South East) and yet somehow cannot quite relate to the renting idea. What’s wrong with renting anyway? Why, when you earn less than the national average, must you absolutely desperately buy a house? Owning your own home is a luxury, not a necessity!

And so, if this scheme gets government attention we can look forward to our very own UK trailer trash. Filled with people who have somehow fulfilled their national obligation to buy a piece of property that they can’t afford, but still live as if they’re in temporary homeless accomodation. Are we doomed to repeat all of the mistakes of our American cousins? Or just doomed to end up marrying them…

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