It’s a very busy day, so this will have to be brief:

  • Tonight is Lammas, bring on the bread.
  • On top of my current workload and the training of the new student analysts, I now have to train my replacement too. I’m probably expected to do this in my copious spare seconds.
  • As has already been commented upon, the weekend was fun, but a little strange.
  • The Vampire game itself was as chaotic as it could be. I’m hoping that as people get used to their characters that things will settle down. Also, when I go back to my usual Sunday slot, people won’t be completely wasted!
  • My new MP3 player has arrived! Yay! It’s a little plasticy, but it’s still very good in terms of functionality and capacity.
  • I picked up a copy of Ordo Dracul for Vampire the Requiem. Expect a review on EG later in the week.

Hopefully I can make a less stressed post soon, using less bullet points.