Last Day

So it’s my last day here at work. A day of looking somewhat busy, while avoiding as much stress as possible. I’ve brought in cakes and biscuits and I’ll probably eat most of them myself, as my colleagues seem to be too polite to eat them. Very strange.

So later on today will be my surprise leaving presentation where my boss (who thinks he has a great sense of humour but is very mistaken) will be a short speech and I’ll receive my card and my leaving gift. I pray for vouchers… I don’t trust that anyone in this company knows me well enough to buy me a gift I’d actually like and the only usual other alternative is “humourous” tat that will be amusing for about 30 seconds.

Dinner with Beth last night was okay, she has actually agreed that she never gave me the money that she was to give me for the bed and she’s going to give it to me! As well as a few other bits and pieces that she had neglected to mention that she had and I had assumed were lost in some move! Result!