Nottingham (abbreviated) and Chick Flicks

First off, I never really covered the bank holiday weekend. It started for me on Friday evening when I went up north with Andy, getting into Arnold just in time to get a couple of drinks in before last orders.

Saturday involved some shopping and, once Tim had arrived, traipsing around a few pubs in central Nottingham, enjoying the ale and killing time until the rest of the reprobates managed to show up in Nottingham. At seven we then all met up in a pub in Sherwood, there was a brief flurry of gifts for Karen from the absent Penny and the present Tim. After that? Well, Bryce has already covered it here, so I won’t go over it again. But let’s just say I felt awful for about 2 days after the event. Not a great thing really, as I was working on Monday.

For some reason I ended up watching two chick flicks this weekend. Personally I think my decision-making ability was diminished to my hangover and that I was taken advantage of. But since I have seen them and since some of you are in the position to be coerced into watching chick flicks, I may as well review them for you.

First up we have , starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes. Watch this film if you want somewhat amusing, formulaic, heart-warming pulp. It is light-hearted if you can’t be bothered to engage your brain and fancy the odd chuckle at Will Smith’s expense. This film is harmless.

Next we have , starring Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. This is in no way formulaic, heart-warming or light-hearted, and although it has the odd funny moment, it’s occasional, ironic and black comedy. This film is the anti-Hitch. It is an intelligent look at modern messed-up relationships, truth, lies, loss and obsession. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still mostly a chick flick. But it’s certainly not a traditional entrant into the category and should not be recommended to anyone who likes a happy film or wants avoid thinking.