Quiet weekend

The title says it all, it was a quiet weekend. You’d have thought that after the somewhat boring first week at work I’d have done something exciting to balance it out, but no.

What I did do was calculate that I do actually have enough money for driving lessons and a new mountain bike. I miss biking about, both roads and off-road and unfortunately my old one has rusted to death in Lucy’s garden. So, it’s time for a new one once I’ve done some shopping around. I know the specs I want (alu frame hardtail), now I just need to get the best price.

The other thing I managed to do is fix registration on . It is now possible to register multiple accounts to the same email address. Furthermore, I’ve also removed the email validation routine, which it turns out didn’t work thanks to my new host. So registration is all up and running today.

I’ll be publishing and expanding stuff for Lethe throughout this week. I just need to create the right sort of license first.