State of Games

Just thought I’d give you all an update on all the games we play, have heard of or that I’m involved in, in some way, especially for those people that don’t read my blog. (Although I will copy this there, just because I can)


  • As you all know, we’re back to playing this on Saturday the 3rd of September.
  • Although Penny has created a character, she won’t be joining us as the trip to Kev’s is an expensive one.
  • It is now possible to register multiple characters on Endless Games using the same email address, so you can have one account per character in the various games. The forums are at your disposal.


  • This is on ice for now, as I want to get back into running Vampire. Sorry.


  • If all goes well, nobody has to rush off and people’s hangovers aren’t too bad, the next Vampire game is on Sunday the 4th of September
  • As above, Penny won’t be there, her character will be NPCed until she’s ready to rejoin us.
  • The EG statement above applies here too.
  • There has been an update to the house rules that apply to my WoD games.

Symposium/En Garde PBEM

  • Development is frozen for now due to something else I’m working on.
  • However I still have all the materials, this project isn’t dead.


  • This is the other thing I’ve been working on.
  • I’ve been converting Lethe to use Storyteller rules and putting all the background online.
  • There’s still more to upload, edit and add to (but I am getting through it as I have nothing to do at work just now), but once it’s in an okay state I shall make an announcement on EG for those that are interested.
  • That doesn’t mean it’ll be finished at that point. There will be plenty to refine and a lot of Lethe is still in my head and not documented.
  • Having given things some thought, I’ve decided that Global Frequency fits quite neatly into both the WoD (with the odd modification) and Lethe (with virtually no modification). I will be adding some systems and background for this onto EG in parallel with the rest of the Lethe material.
  • I’d like to get into running Lethe, but I don’t want to sacrifice my 6 weekly day of Vampire. Any suggestions as to what other day (even midweek) or location could be used?

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