Arms trade key statistics

BBC NEWS | UK | Arms trade key statistics

No real suprises in the list of the main sellers of arms. However, the list of leading arms reciepients (developing nations only) is interesting; not as presented, but when shown as a percentage of GDP as below:

United Arab Emirates 5.65%
Israel 1.16%
Saudi Arabia 1.03%
Egypt 0.54%
Pakistan 0.26%
Taiwan 0.19%
South Africa 0.10%
South Korea 0.09%
India 0.05%
China 0.04%

(GDP figures are from the CIA World Factbook)

The UAE spends 5.65% of it’s GDP on arms? It has a population of 2.5 million, about 1.5 million of which are estimated to be non-nationals, working the gas and oil rigs. Interestingly they seem to not get their arms from the UK, so I can only presume that the US sells them all their equipment.