Sexual assualt and alcohol

BBC NEWS | UK | Drunk young women ‘taking risks’

: “A shocking new survey conducted for responsible drinking campaigners, The Portman Group, shows that almost four in ten young women (36%) have been sexually assaulted after getting drunk.”

I had so many angles on this topic in my head about this topic, but after evaluating them all, I realised that there is no safe way for a man to talk about sexual abuse publicly. It’s just going to go wrong regardless, it’s such a touchy subject, and if you don’t know exactly who your audience is, and what their opinions are and how open-minded they are, you’re totally screwed.

So I shall just leave you with the link, the quote, the above back-peddle, the disclaimer that I do think sexual abuse is a terrible thing and the following question: Which definition of sexual abuse did the Portman Group use when commisioning this survey?