Tingo, nakkele and other wonders – A variety of stange, cool or wierd foreign words

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Tingo, nakkele and other wonders: “The Japanese have bakku-shan – a girl who appears pretty from behind but not from the front. ”

I particularly liked that one.

Anyway, I haven’t blogged what I’ve been up to for a while, so I’ll get to that now.

Wednesday involved me going for a couple of beers with Stu. You’d think that considering I live in the town where he grew up and where his mum lives, I might manage to meet up with Stu more often than three or four times a year…

Thursday evening I met up with Alison for a meal in Farnham. Haven’t seen her in ages, probably since Conception 2005. A very pleasant evening.

The weekend mostly involved me distracting Penny from packing up her belongings and not being much use at all. I did manage to break Endless Games quite a lot, but it’s all backed up, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put back to where it was. I guarantee it will be back up before the Aberrant game!

I’ll be sending emails to to see who’s up for joining me for DragonMeet this year. Last year was a blast, and mainly involved Andy and I getting more and more drunk and playing less and less games.