Ups and Downs

This weekend was an active one; Andy came down to Aldershot to hang out, do some exercise and drink some beer, and that’s what we achieved. As Penny had other plans. on Saturday Andy borrowed her mountain bike and we took the bikes along the . Not the whole 153 miles mind! Just the 16 or so miles from Guildford to Farnham where it ends (), through the northern edge of the . It was definitely good fun and hard work at times, the worst being some horrible uphill stretches on bridleways. Public bridleways tend to be sandy, never the best terrain for a bike and certainly not uphill. But then there were some awesome downhill stretches. I nearly wiped out on one, when my peddle hit a bump, but luckily I didn’t lose control. The half-way point was marked by a nice half-hour break in a little country pub in Puttenham and the end-point was marked by… another pub! In Farnham this time. After a quick fly back to Aldershot, we cleaned up and headed back into Farnham for some food and beers. Definitely a good day!

Andy went home Sunday morning, so I spent most of the day playing . It’s quite a good game, entirely based on Diablo 2, with many of the same systems and concepts. These include skill trees to customise your characters specialities, item sets, socketted items, primary and secondary quests and so on. It has its annoyances, like not being able to select saved games if you’ve fluffed something up, the linear play-style or only being able to start multiplayer games at the beginning. (Though this might only be the beginning of the Act, not the game, I haven’t got that far yet.) But apart from that, it’s a good game. It’s pretty, it has more story than Diablo 2 (though what story there is less engrossing than Diablo’s tale. At least on the first play through), I like the idea of having pets rather (or as well as) than henchmen (including a literal mule) and it’s all quite robust. It’s no NWN, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be an engrossing time-killer and it’s very good at it. If anybody picks it up and fancies playing a co-operative game, let me know!