Weekend Gaming Report

Well, it has been the gaming weekend and gaming actually happened! Saturday’s Aberrant game was good fun and progress was made. I’m going to have to decide whether all this fame will go to John’s head (beyond the odd ego stroke) or whether he will stay focussed on his goals…

Quote of the day? Andy protesting that he was not, counter to accusations, as tight as a duck’s arse. He was more as tight as a prison duck’s arse, it being somewhat looser.

The night was a light one, the average working out at just under two bottles of wine each! (We never count the drinks in the pub beforehand.) And everyone was tucked up in bed by half twelve! Is this the beginning of the end? Does our collectively approaching 30th birthdays really mean we will become… sensible? I shudder at the thought.

The positive side of this was that people were not too hungover to play some Vampire on Sunday afternoon (yes, afternoon since the lazy bastards slept way past 11!) Kev found out that while vampires are not susceptible to a great many things that would harm mortals, gravity works on all of us. We did get to enjoy the mental image of a Guy sandwich, trapped between the lift he had just fallen on, and Tim’s character Yves on top of him, having fallen even further.

A good weekend.

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