Real coffee makes my day

First night in a local B&B last night and the combined joys of an en-suite power shower, getting up while its daylight and being given freshly ground coffee with my breakfast has really set me up for the day! Now I can stop drinking that ridiculously weak machine coffee that Ive been trying to con my body with. WEAK!

It seems the EG user registration still doesnt work; we seem to have a permissions issue. Dagnabit. Authors can still edit Encyclopaedia, News and Content, but you need a user account to post to the forum. Bobbins.

Im going to try and recreate the lost logo as well today.

Im really glad of my USB memory stick. Not just for carting my files around, but Ive got Portable Sunbird on there too, so I always have my calendar with me. Just as well, considering I alternate between the clients computer, office computer, my computer, Pennys computer, library computer etc. Its just a shame that I dont get to spend more than a few minutes at my own home computer anymore.

Ive found out that the local library is open until 8pm on Tuesdays so Ill head there after work. Ill try and use their computers and maybe read some. Itll keep me out of the pub for a little while…