The man, the hat, the book and the gossip

On Monday Penny and I went to Eastbourne for a Terry Pratchett book signing. It was quite a pleasant affair, and due to a combination of some forward planning and blind luck we not only had a relatively short queuing time, but also by some fluke ended up right at the front of the queue! This meant that Terry, resplendent in his huge, black trademark fedora, was still relaxed and happy to chat.

And now heres the gossip Terry let slip to Penny that there is a good chance of a Hogfather movie coming out for next Christmas! I havent found mention of it elsewhere on the net yet.

Me, I didnt get any extra gossip, but he did mock my battered, tattered, dog-eared, water stained paperback copy of Good Omens. He wrote an encouragement to burn the mess inside and then shoved the offending thing away from him in disgust with his pen. See, he has to be nice to everyone that comes to these things, but he chose to be rude about me and how Ive treated my book. I fill strangely privileged.

Ive now also half-finished the new book that brought about this signing,Thud!. Its a Guards/Vimes story set in Ankh-Morpork, which suits me just fine. My favourite characters have always been Vimes and Vetinari. Im enjoying it quite a lot so far. It has some unsubtle references to pointless conflicts between two groups of beliefs and races for current affairs fans, and an equally unsubtle dig atThe Da Vinci Code. So far so good and Ill post a fuller review once Ive finished it.

Terry also released a childrens book calledWheres my cow? which ties intoThud!, but it was rather pants. Not very well done at all, and a somewhat cynical attempt to make an extra stack of cash that will probably succeed.

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