Virtual land flogged for over $50k

Virtual land flogged for over $50k: “US gamer Jon Jacobs, known to gamers as Neverdie, has bought an in-game space resort for over $50,000.

Project Entropia is the MMO brainchild of Swedish developer Mindark PE AB. Players can exchange money for game currency at a conversion rate of $10 fictional to $1 US. Having sold for $100,000 US the fictional environment will provide a substantial stream of real life financial income, as it has apartments, mines, hunting grounds and many markets from which to extract hard earned Entropia dollars from other players.

Jacobs is now the owner of an in game PA system and in control of advertising around the station. This means that substantial revenue could be generated from real life advertising to in-game players and presents an interesting take on advertising in games.

This tops the game’s previous record sale of a detailed treasure island to an Australian in December of 2004. At the time the $26,500 sale was the largest virtual real estate sale ever. Since then, Project Entropia has swelled to more than 236,000 registered players. With an ever increasing player base these auctions will only become more heated, as the prospective financial gain grows through both advertising and in-game selling. “

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