Dave McKean, stock market bars and how tequila can lead to goose-stepping – Part 1

Wow, what a week it’s been! No blog for the last week and a half due to an enforced absence in Hannover. But let’s tackle it one day at a time…

Saturday the 30th of October

It all began on Saturday with Kev’s birthday party. Penny and I arrived what we thought was late, but we ended up getting to Kev’s a good few hours before anybody else gave an ETA. It was a good party and good to see everyone again. It was the first time I’d seen Russ and Andrea since the infamous Night of the Jentalist! Lynsey’s cooking was excellent and the wine bountiful.


Sunday began with us all watching Blade Trinity – AKA bloody bubblegum for the eyes. (Note to self: Use less weird metaphors). In the late afternoon Penny and I rushed off to go and See Dave McKean’sMirrormask’. We were much pleased to find out that not only was Dave there to introduce the film, but he was doing a Q&A afterwards, he’d brought the cast and Lenny Henry (friend of McKean & Gaiman) decided to show up too.

The film itself was a fairly simple family story at the heart of it, but the visuals and the storytelling together (especially the visuals) made it an awesome experience. Sadly, Penny – exhausted from the previous night’s excesses and lulled by the warm theatre – dozed off from time to time, thereby missing chunks of a film she’d been clambering to see for some time.

After the film was the Q&A session which was more entertaining than informative. The cast were pleasantly ‘normal’ rather than showbiz and Dave himself seemed rather unsure of all the attention. The best line came from Lenny Henry, when asked about the creative process of Gaiman & McKean: “Have you seen the film? They were obviously on drugs! I turned up and they were smoking giant reefers, like rolled up Persian rugs!”

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