The Wristband Generation

We interrupt the retelling of last week’s travels with a personal rant on the topic of those multi-coloured charity wristbands. Generally the wearers tell us that they like to advertise the causes they’re interested in, whether it’s poverty, bullying, cancer or whatever. Personally, I see them as a kind of charity bling, proclaiming to the world “I am considerably more charitable than yo!” with the implication that the wearers are somehow better people.

I think it’s bad enough that problems such as cancer and famine are dependant on charitable donations and I believe that charitable donations, if made, should be made discretely.

Saying that though, I can see it from the charity’s point of view; they don’t care whether people donate out of feelings of charity, guilt or hubris as long as they hand over cash. But I still find the wristbands terribly gauche.

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