All raait! It’s a new black-white lingo

: “Linguists have identified Britain’s first multi-ethnic dialect – a variant of English that includes words and sounds from cockney, Jamaican creole, Bengali and other languages. “

Interesting. Currently this is a phenomenon of ethnically integrated urban metropoli, so I don’t really expect the kids of Aldershot to start going on about their nang creps just yet. However, if the patois continues to be used in British urban music I can see it spreading to smaller towns.

Next steps after that? First there’ll be a linguistic divide between those that speak raait and those that think it’s an offensive corruption of the Queen’s English. Then the dialect will become popular with public schoolkids wanting to sound cool. Eventually your mum will pick up a few words and throw them into casual conversation to sound ‘with it’, essentially and finally sounding the death knell for this particular trend.

Maybe in 20 years time we’ll be left with only a few dialects left in Britain. Raait, l33t and BBC…

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