December has begun, it must be Christmas time!

Well, technically the Christmas period began on the first of Advent, but it’s close enough. Especially as the weekend was mostly utilised to do all of my remaining Christmas shopping. Some Amazon purchases and a day off on Friday exploring Guildford and it’s many bookstores and I’m done. No more Christmas stress for me! (And yes, I do feel somewhat smug about it. Usually I’m a total last minute shopper) Incidentally, the games and comics store in Guildford is manned by the archetypal Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.
Saturday night was Penny’s works Christmas party, to which I was invited. It was too dark at the event to take pictures, but my housemate took a couple of pictures of us pre-party, which can be seen here. It was a fun party and for once the music didn’t completely suck. Most of the music was provided by a band who, after a couple of cheesy numbers, decided the time and the corwd was ready to be rocked at. There may have been Nirvana and Green Day.