What a boring week

Oh sure, there were interesting enough things in the news; Torture, Tories and torture. But other than that it was rather uneventful. Work is becoming rather samey now, with the occasional highlight of a measuring device declaring “No contamination detected” at the end of site visit.
Over the last few weeks I have discovered that I am a big fan of Morgan’s Spiced Rum. Enjoyable neat, on the rocks and mixed with coke or orange juice; A lovely little winter warmer. The rest of my drinks stash is also looking rather healthy right now too, what with a remaining bottle of Arzuaga, a couple of bottles of Barolo and two different Rieslings. Now all I need is the time and opportunity to enjoy them!
Penny is at the Army Christmas Ball tonight with her sister and (squaddie) brother-in-law. It’ll be a fine event; evening wear, ball gowns and dress uniforms. Then add booze that’s apparently cheaper than your average northern student union bar and I’m sure it’ll be quite a lively event.