Another week over, let the weekend commence!

I know, I’m wishing away the day, but it’s been quite a tedious work week, and the early morning have been less fun than ever. (Admittedly they weren’t exactly a barrel of laughs to begin with, but there’s always a worse option. I recommend diving for cover any time someone says “Well, at least it can’t get any worse”!) Now it’s just a question of how quickly I can sneak off!
Plans for the weekend? Saturday involves a lie in (hurrah!), a haircut and a whole lot of nothing. We may lounge around and watch Lost and some, as yet unwatched, movies like Existenz or Spirited Away. Hell, we might even go crazy and watch them both!
Sunday is a little more packed. We’re going to the cinema to watch ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ now that Penny has finished the book. The rest of the day will be spent at Guildford’s indoor climbing wall Craggy Island where Penny will be sampling a taster session and I will be taking a refresher course. While Guildford may no longer be our moving destination, Craggy Island is still the best climbing facility in the area for quite some distance.
I must admit that I’m quite excited about the fact that it’s now only 2 weeks until my birthday. Huzzah! I’m getting as excited as a small child at Christmas! Okay, okay, I’m getting as excited as me at Christmas!
My mum is bugging me, asking me what I want for my birthday. Apparently I’m to think of something poignant, sentimental, non-generic and very personal to me that I’ll treasure and remember as being gifted to me on my 30th. Isn’t that cheating? A lot? It’s hard enough thinking of presents for other people, why do I have to think of presents for myself? I’m sure that’s against the rules somewhere! And if it isn’t against the rules, it ought to be!
Anyway, enough of this. It’s time to start plotting my escape. Have a good weekend!