Games Galore

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been busy at work, and I was out in the Netherlands yesterday. While there were frustrations involved with that, the bonus was that I was actually able to write the for 2006 written. It’s a good thing I always keep my notepad with me; When the words come it’s good to get them on paper straight away before they escape into the ether. I still have to write one for the one to two Vampire/World of Darkness games I intend to run, but I’m expecting those to be more closed group with perhaps a few happless passers-by added. I still don’t know whether the game will turn into a one-slot or two-slot game. It depends how it runs. Most likely I’ll take the last slot of the day so I can run over. I’ll definetly be doing that with the Vampire games.

More gaming at the weekend. Hurrah! Vampire on Saturday and Aberrant on the Sunday. The Aberrant has been long-awaited. We might actually finish a plot thread this time! (There. That’s cursed that!)
Should be going to see at the cinema before the game, which should give me something to do in the two hours between me arriving and everyone esle showing their faces!

As for tomorrow, the travelling this week has got me grouchy as hell. If I can work from home tomorrow, I will.

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