Google to get into social bookmarking?

Google to get into social bookmarking?: “For anyone who hasn’t tried social bookmarking, it is most easily described as the bookmark capability built into your browser, cross-bred with social networking sites like MySpace or Friendster. A logical comparison could also be made to the user lists found on sites like Amazon, i.e. ‘my list of favorite Dr. Who DVDs,’ or ‘my list of quality Kitchen Aid blender accessories.'”

Personally, I’ve been playing with recently, the mosty well-known social-bookmarking site and been finding it very useful, especially as I’m now using three or four different devices to access the internet. Also, it allows me better tools for research than Google. Search terms in Google will bring up a lot of dross, ancient forum entries and a lot of SEO sites. Looking for other people’s tagged sites is a lot more reliable.

Basically, it’s Flickr for your links and it’s even owned by Yahoo as well. Yahoo would be wise to start merging some of it’s offerings.

So it makes sense for Google to get involved, but it’s hard to see how it can improve on existing models like it did for email.

One new rival on the social bookmarking scene is Ma.gnolia (are you spotting the naming trend?) It’s a newcomer and hence suffers from not many people using it, but it’s key selling point is that when you tag a site, the server stores a snapshot of the page, so you never have to worry about pages vanishing with your reference materials.

Personally, I’m happy to stick with for now. I’ve only just remembered the ridiculous URL…