Songbird released

So, Pioneers of the Inevitable LLC, creators of , have created a new media player called . It looks quite pretty, much like Itunes, and has as it’s major selling points that it can\will be able to access multiple online music stores and can play lists of music on a webpage directly as playlists. Neat.

Technologically, it’s built on the Firefox UI engine making it very solid and extensible.

Features missing so far are the very necessary CD burning & ripping and of course extensions themselves. The former is a must before I convert (for I surely shall), and the latter could make Songbird a real must. I’d want an extension for web\satellite\DAB radio, PSP synching and an interface into (yes it’s still legal and will be until September so get your cheap, downloaded, DRM-free music fast) and (and this bit’s a little sad) good visualisations including a party mode where the machine is locked but still playing the playlist.

In short, watch this space and I’ll give you a review of version 0.2 when it’s out, for version 0.1 shows immense promise but there’s no point for me yet.