The birthday season continues…

Last week was Penny’s birthday and so we did have a few plans for the weekend. Nothing exciting, it was purposefully low key and she was working Saturday morning, but we made a good day of it. A good lunch, then Penny picked a copy of and then we read in a pub for the whole afternoon. Very relaxing and very enjoyable.

Saturday night involved watching one of Penny’s birthday presents, namely the Kiera Knightley version of . Aparrently it was quite true to the book, but not as much as the BBC version. Colin Firth was a better Darcy but Kiera was a better Lizzie (though apparently she’s supposed to be quite plain, according o the book). The whole film came over as quite rushed and compressed as it had to fit as much in as possible, into a two hour slot. And as for the added US ending? It’s utter crap, as expected. Thankfully it’s an Extra, not tagged onto the end of the film like it was in the US.

Sunday was then an all-day trek. It was going to be longer and over a more distinct route, but various memory lapses meant we covered the stretch between Woking and Ash Vale via a few detours along the Basingstoke Canal. Woking, because it was en route for the first leg of the trek before we had to alter our plans, and Ash Vale because we wanted our evening sustenance to be .

Plans for this week? Thursday and Friday I’m in Germany, and Saturday viewing property.