The rollercoaster of househunting…

Well, my travels are over for a little while. Just as well reall, I was getting confused as to which country I was in and which language to speak.
House hunting at the weekend was good in that we found a nice place and put our name down for it, but unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as that. The landlord reserved the right to review applicants before proceeding, rather than going on a first come, first served basis. The flat ended up going to a couple of policemen. Grrr….
So, this Saturday, we’re off to go house hunting once more and hopefully we’ll be more lucky this time around. We’re all chomping at the bit around here, anxious to just move now that we’re ready to.
It seems everybody is in the process of changing their living arrangements and even though we were the first to start talking about it, at this rate we’ll be the last to actually get settled. Bobbins.