Google Search Terms to this blog

I use to analyse what goes on with this blog and I occasionally like to browse around what search terms people used to find this blog or information within it. Since people use a variety of different terms and methods to find similar topics and I happened to have some time in my hands, I came up with the Top 10 search term categories for this blog. Here they are in reverse order:

10: Mata Hari Guildford – Restaurant reviews seem to do reasonably well

9: Memoirs of a Geisha – Interesting, I’m more likely to read a review on a magazine website, rather than a blogged review.

8: Cousins Marrying – Should I be concerned?

7: Antwerp – Travel descriptions required. Interestingly I got a request recently from a travel website asking if they can use my on Flickr.

6: Rape / Consent – Interesting that it has generated so much interest. And with the newest statistics and advertising campaign being released, maybe worth revisiting

5: White Wolf – Fairly obvious I suppose

4: Hogfather film – Also fairly obvious. Though the news is it’ll be a TV movie for Christmas!

3: Eberron – Damn WotC and it’s popular products!

2: – The vast majority of the searches are around the topics of “Is it legal?” and “is it a scam?”. In short: Yes, until September and No.

And the winner is:

1: PSP related searches! The crowd goes wild! Who’d have thought that a three page article dedicated to my favourite toy littered with tags and links would generate hits? Saying that though, I do keep updating the article in question as new information is released.

So there you go? Interesting? Maybe. From my point of view it shows that that top five search topics are fairly geeky. Interestingly, places six to ten aren’t really nerdy at all. They generally link to reviews or opinion pieces. What? Nobody interested in my hangovers?

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