Move Update

It’s always hard to get settled in a new place, especially if your stuff is still scattered across the country. Add to that the novelty of actually having rooms, as opposed to room singular, reduced travel times, actually having more than two trains per hour to decide between and it all takes a little while to realy feel real.
This weekend the new furniture turns up; Bookshelves, breakfast bar, sofa etc… These could help somewhat as they begin to make the place ours, but initially could hinder as I haven’t had access to these luxuries for some time. But hopefully the weekend after should remedy it. Then the bookshelves will begni to be filled with books, there will be a bed etc. But I reckon it’ll takle a good month or so beyond that before the new place begins to feel like home.
Or maybe all that’s needed is a house warming party? A personal tradition sadly neglected over the past few years! It’s not really a home until someone has vomited in the loo!