Those sweet, sweet words…

Your telephone line has been enabled for broadband. Arranging delivery of your modem.
It was Tim’s birthday on Saturday and I headed into town to see him, celebrate a little and meet his other friends. The ones that are not piratical or eat pot pourri. Nice people and I’m glad I’ve finally met his siblings. Now we just need to break down the barriers between Tim’s groups of friends so we can become one large, homogenous mass!
Also this weekend, as well as starting to assemble furniture and marvel at the worlds smallest sofa, I played about with my new PVR, the excellent Humax PVR-9200T. It has a 160Gb HD, two tuners and a USB port for outputting MPEGs to computer or putting MP3s or phots onto the harddrive. Excellent piece of equipment, easy to use and very useful. If I were to try and improve it at all, I’d make it WiFi compatible.