BBC NEWS | Technology | Podcast numbers cut through hype

BBC NEWS Technology Podcast numbers cut through hype: “People downloading to podcasts are still in a minority, despite the hype surrounding them, research suggests. “

What a shock! To enjoy podcasts you need a) the right technology, b) some tech savvy, c) actually find a topic you want to hear about and d) like the speaker enough to listen to them on a regular basis.

I have the tools and the knowledge, but not the desire in any way to listen to podcasts. Unlike text, I can’t scan the article for tone, content and style to see if I’m going to give it my full attention.
Also, I’ve never really been a fan of talk radio, which is basically what most podcasts are, just without the phone-ins. So without the comments or feedback, it’s shere vanity publishing.

And as for those people who podcast their selection of music, I find it of limited appeal. Sure, you’ve the chance to discover new music from someone elses collection, but I’m a bit isolationist in my music taste. I much prefer listening to my existing collection rather than somebody elses.