Google, eBay and Amazon may build their own Internet

Google, eBay and Amazon may build their own Internet: “AT&T and the telcos have got government backing to charge Google and other Web sites extortion-type fees unless Google and others pay for adequate bandwidth.

Now it seems that Google and the other big sites are going to tell them to go forth and multiply and they will build their own connections into punter’s homes.”

I hear rumblings of this from time to time. Telcos complaining how websites get more complicated and put up heavier content and the telco is left with the thankless task of upgrading the bandwidth to match.

Forgetting the fact that the telcos already charge consumers for access and the fact the site designers don’t put fat content up willy-nilly, it’s based on the prevalence of necessary hardware and connections amongst the punters.

Charging websites for having high-bandwidth content is just silly.