Google launches online calendar

: “WEB SEARCH outfit Google has added a new service to its online portfolio.
The service is called Google Calendar and is able to tell you what day it is. You can sign up
. “

This has been rumoured for an amazingly long time. I’ll give it a whirl and tell you what I think…
So far no joy on logging in. Everybody else in the world is probably trying the same thing….

Update: It works!
First impression: Very fast, slick, simple and no adverts
Import of Yahoo Calendar events: Failed! Maybe later.
Another gripe: No tagging? Gmail manages it and I want to categorise my events! I know the product is out for mere hours, but surely that was a consideration?
In general: I like it and I’ll use it in preference to Yahoo Calendar. Now all I want is Gmail contacts to be seperated from Gmail which I can’t access from behind a firewall.

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