Non-stop action

There’s just no end to the activity these days. My weeks are spent generally in another country (so much for being mostly based in the UK) and so I don’t get to spend anywhere as much time as I’d like with Penny or in the new flat we worked so hard for. And are in fact still working hard for as there’s some new furniture to be assembled and filled and there’ll still be more to come. This ‘starting afresh from the ground up’ lark is getting tedious. It’s progress but very slow, a gradual journey.

Last weekend was a good one though. It would have been even better if I hadn’t fallen a little ill (which always seems to happen these days when I take some time off), but still good. Penny and I went into London to be tourists for a while, popping into the Maritime Museum (pirates research) and the Cutty Sark (pirates inspiration) before grabbing some food at a very tasty vegetarian restaurant called . Penny also finally managed to aquire Dave McKean’s ‘Cages’ and I picked up a Constantine book, ‘All his engines’ in Forbidden Planet.

It was Day on Saturday. Nothing happened to me, but the funniest web-based ones were who announced: “After many years of attacking religious beliefs, illusionist Derren Brown has decided to return to the Christian faith of his childhood and is looking to join the priesthood.” Highly amusing. , a site of tips and tricks for easier living, posted up advice for dealing with, or living as, zombies. Apparently the shotgun is the weapon of choice for zombie hunting.