Pandora + LastFM

As further elaboration to DeathOwl’s post, I hereby ask: Wouldn’t it be nice to link your list with Pandora?

Well, you can! More info here:

And, more for my reference than anything else, while we’re on the topic of music tools, don’t forget . Their blurb: Call Shazam on your mobile (2580). Hold out your phone to the music. The phone will hang up after 30 seconds. We send you a text telling you artist name & song.
It doesn’t matter what tariff you’re on, it costs 50p to tag a track on the 3 Network, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone – plus your standard call charges.

Their newest feature is that you can log into their website and buy the tracks that you have ‘tagged’, to use their terminology.

Or, you just go to and download it for $0.10!