Park and write

BBC NEWS Magazine Park and write: “There is no need for anyone to be homeless. There are very many tireless, selfless people doing paid and voluntary work to help people like this woman. She knows this and her refusal to go to them is an insult. It is her choice to live on the street and it will be her fault if something bad happens to her. The opportunity to help herself is there.”

The article itself is about Wandering Scribe, a blog by a homeless woman who lives in her car and blogs from a library about her situation. Interesting enough, but what I particurly found interesting were the comments. A great many sympathetic comments, a handful like the above and a couple hypothesising that this is all a media publicity stunt.

Apparently if you can communicate what’s happening to you then you should have the ability to get out of your situation fairly easily. How safe and secure some people’s lives are…