PSP Firmware Moves To 2.7

Firmware Moves To 2.7 News Sony PSP Review – Playstation Portable News and Reviews: “The full list of changes with the firmware is:

* You can now play Macromedia Flash content under [Internet Browser].
*Note that you must adjust a setting to enable this feature. A connection to the internet is required to adjust the setting.
* [Connection Settings] has been added under [Settings] in [Internet Browser].
* You can now save content added under [RSS Channel] on a Memory Stick.
* [Automatic] has been added as an option under [Rate] in [LocationFree Player].
* [UMD Video L/R Button] has been added under [Video Settings] in [Settings]
You can now disable the channel skip feature of the L/R buttons.
* A new file extension has been added to playable AAC formats.
* [Simplified Chinese] and [Traditional Chinese] have been added as options under [System Language] in [Settings>System Settings].
* [RSS Channel Settings] has been added under [Settings].”