The past comes a-calling

It’s not every day that your ancient past comes back to revisit you. My best friend, while I still lived in Germany, was a guy called Thorsten; this is about 20 years ago now and we fell out of contact about 10 years ago. No particular reason, just distance and time really.

However very recently I got a phone call, completely out of the blue, from his girlfriend who, in an elaborate quest of cyber-sleuthing had managed to track me down and get my landline number from directory enquiries. (Aside: No matter how glad I am that I was contacted, it does show me that I need to be more careful with my private details). It turns out it as recently been Thorsten’s 30th birthday. His present was to be a trip to London and his surprise was to be meeting up with me.

And it all worked out. I was nervous beforehand of course. We hadn’t been in contact for so very long and people change. Would this be doomed meet-up where we wouldn’t know what to say to each other after half an hour of reminiscing?

As it turns out, my fears were groundless. We had a good evening, and not just spent reminiscing. I’m sure I probably came over as some kind of cynical lush, but they appear to have been the forgiving type.

So there you go. Sometimes the past comes a-knocking and now and then it’s not at all bad.