Recently I’ve been mostly reading…

… far too much rubbish. The problem with suddenly deciding at the airport that you need a new book is that you’re pretty much stuck with what WH Smith has stuck on the so-called bestseller list that week, thereby making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. One thing’s for sure, Dan Brown has a lot to answer for. Practically every publishing house on the planet has suddenly decided that people will read books like that and so are churning them out at a silly rate. And there is considerably more quantity than there is quality. The only book that really stands out from the crowd so far has been ‘‘ by John Twelve Hawks. Still flawed, it’s paranoia levels are a little high and there is some resultant preaching, but by en large it’s a good book. It’s supposed to be a trilogy and I, for one, am looking forward to the sequels. Basically imagine 1984, crossed with Barker’s ‘Imagica’.

I’ve also recently read a fair bit of Greg Bear, though not intentionally. The books I’ve read were ‘‘, it’s sequel ‘‘ and the entirely unrelated ‘‘. ‘Darwin’s Children’ was very good with a certain amount of emphasis on the science fiction.The novel is set in the modern day and the topic, if you hadn’t guessed is evolution. A good strong book. And he should have left the ending open instead of writing a weak, contrived sequel. Read Radio and pretend you’ve never heard there was a sequel. ‘Darwin’s Children’ is an utter waste of time unless you really don’t like loose ends in your mind.
‘Vitals’ is an interesting book, the topics being immortality and control, though the linking of the two is also somewhat contrived. Fairly good though and worth reading. Another pleasantly open end. Let’s hope the Gregster doesn’t ruin it by trying to tie them up.

I’ve been using Amazon Marketplace a lot recently, and picked up a stack of graphic novels really cheap. These days I think the Ebay auctioneers are trying to cream as much profit out of people as possible. Add in sniping, the use of buying tools and more traders than there are private sellers and Ebay is basically a very unattractive option for books unless what you’re after is very rare.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve picked up recently:

– The first one, written by Neil Gaiman. Definitely as good as I remember it. And I did have to check, but yes Tim Hunter does predate Harry Potter by at least three years.
– I’ve read this before too. Just as well really, as my significant other swiped this one as soon as she heard what it’s about and her sharp eyes spotted those deadly words… Dave McKean. Incorrigible…
– I love the works of chaote Grant Morrison and The Invisibles ever since I picked it up at the library.
– My favourite so far. Very nicely written, good art and the character is just as charming and manipulative, humanistic and inhuman, as I would have desired. Very recommended.

And what’s next on my list? A bit of nostalgia in the shape of the .